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The Manassas Park Police Department's Community Service Division is responsible for the development, coordination, and evaluation of departmental crime prevention efforts. These efforts are aimed at protecting the residents, business community, and visitors of Manassas Park from victimization by anticipating, recognizing, and assessing the crime risk opportunity and initiating appropriate action to eliminate or reduce the opportunity for crime to occur.












RICHMOND, Va. (WUSA9) -- Attorney General Mark R. Herring is warning Virginia property owners to be cautious of companies offering to sell them a copy of the deed to their home.

Officials said homeowners throughout the state of Virginia have been getting official looking letters, often titled as "Deed Processing Notice," that offer to sell homeowners a copy of their deed for $83.

The letters are written in such a way that may lead homeowners to believe they must comply by a certain date, according to officials.

"Even though these letters look like official notices, they are actually solicitations and should be treated as such," Attorney General Herring said. "Most home and property owners will receive a copy of their deed at the time of purchase, but if a deed is lost or needs to be replaced, county clerks can often do so at a much lower price. Consumers should read these letters carefully and know they are under no obligation to take action by any artificial deadline."

Herring warns homeowners they are under no obligation to pay these entities or to purchase a copy of their deed. Officials said, copies of deeds are usually available from the local clerk of court at a much lower rate than what is stated in the letters.

Officials said copies of deeds, which are usually between two and three pages typically cost about $0.50 per page, plus $2 for a certified copy.

Homeowners should check with their local court however to confirm prices.

If you have a consumer complaint or believe you have been a victim of fraud or another consumer crime, call the Virginia Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-552-9963 or visit to fill out an online complaint.


WARNING:  Potential Cell Phone Scam

The Better Business Bureau is warning cell phone users about a new scam that can result in unauthorized charges appearing on your monthly wireless statement.   It's called the "One Ring" scam because the scammers program computers to send thousands of calls to random cell phone numbers, ring once, and then disconnect. The scammers then hope you are curious enough about the call that you return the call right away.

When the cell phone owner returns the call, they are charged $19.95 for the international call fee. After that, there is a $9.00 per minute charge.  Consumers who have been duped, by these calls, report that they are coming from the Caribbean Islands including Grenada, Antigua, Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands.

If you receive a call from an unknown cell phone number, it is best to check the location of the area code before returning any such call.  If it’s an international number that you do not recognize, do not answer or call back.

If you think you may have fallen for this scam, immediately alert your personal cell phone carrier and keep an eye on your cell phone bill. 



Cuccinelli warns of scams linked to Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace rollout

RICHMOND (October 16, 2013) - Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli warned today that in the wake of the October 1st rollout of the health insurance exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare), con artists are already scamming consumers with fake web sites and phone calls.

Consumers seeking insurance coverage through the online exchanges (also referred to as health insurance marketplaces) provide personal information to determine which plans are available to them and to sign up for coverage.

“Many citizens are mandated to buy insurance from this federal government-run exchange, and because they have to enter such detailed personal information online, scammers are finding this a target-rich environment to confuse people and steal their information in the process,” said Cuccinelli.  “Scammers are sending out official-looking emails with links that don’t go to the health insurance exchange, but to a bogus web site.  While people think they’re typing in detailed personal information to apply for health insurance, they’re actually giving scammers all the information they need to commit identity theft.”

The attorney general is warning Virginians about some of the possible ways scammers are attempting to commit fraud.  He offers the following tips:

·       Do not give personal information such as Medicare or Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card or debit card numbers, or your home address in response to unsolicited telephone calls.  

·       Only provide personal information if you initiate the contact.  No one from the government will call, email, or text you to sell you an insurance plan or ask for personal information.  

·       Don't be swayed by high-pressure visits, mail solicitations, emails, texts, or phone calls from people pretending to work for the government.  No one should threaten you with legal action if you do not sign up for a plan.  

·       Ask for credentials from anyone who wants to assist you in enrolling.  In addition to your own licensed insurance agent, there are only two types of assistants who can help you sign up: Certified Application Counselors and Navigators. 

o   Certified Application Counselors – these are people who work for organizations such as hospitals and who have been certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

o   Navigators – these are individuals or organizations trained to assist consumers in understanding their insurance options.  The law forbids navigators from recommending specific health plans or coverage.  Navigators are funded through state and federal grant programs, and must complete comprehensive training.  There is no charge for their services.  You may locate a navigator in Virginia by visiting or by calling 1-800-318-2596. 

·       Beware of anyone asking for money to enroll you in a health insurance exchange.  If the individual is a legitimate health insurance assistant (a navigator or a certified application counselor), they will NEVER ask you for money.  Your insurance agent can accept premium payments, however. 

·       Beware of anyone who tries to sell you an Obamacare insurance card.  It may be a trick to get your money but not enroll you in a health insurance plan.  You must actually apply for and enroll in a plan; you can’t just buy an insurance card.  Similarly, watch out for "fake" products such as prescription cards.  They may look real, but may only be medical discount cards.  

·       Communicate directly with the official exchange when you are ready to purchase insurance.  Unless you are using a licensed insurance agent, navigator, or a certified application counselor, the only way to sign up is to use the official web sites found by going to or by calling 1-800-318-2596.  Avoid look-a-like web sites and look for web sites that have .gov on the end of the web site address. 

·       If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you do not need to purchase insurance on the exchange. 

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam, the Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection telephone counselors are available to assist you with your consumer questions.  Please call the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-552-9963 if calling from Virginia, or 804-786-2042 if calling from the Richmond area.  The Consumer Protection office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


New Laws Effective 070113

Driving While Intoxicated:

Any DWI conviction will be a felony if a person has a prior conviction of any of the following:

  • Involuntary manslaughter alcohol
  • Involuntary manslaughter alcohol boating
  • DWI maiming
  • Boating while intoxicated maiming
  • DWI third offense or subsequent

A DWI felony conviction mandates a minimum fine of $1,000 and one year in prison.

Texting While Driving:

Texting while driving is a primary offense with increased penalties. Texting or reading text messages while driving is illegal for all drivers, no matter their age. A texting while driving conviction will carry a $125 fine for the first offense and $250 for the second or subsequent offenses. The new law increases the punishment of any person convicted of reckless driving to include a $250 mandatory fine if the person was texting at the time of a reckless driving offense. 



Virginia law requires that every moped driver operating on Virginia roadways carry a government-issued photo ID (does not have to be a driver’s license). Every driver and passenger must wear a helmet while riding a moped. Drivers must also wear a face shield, safety glasses or goggles unless the moped has a windshield.  Virginia law requires mopeds operated on Virginia roadways to be titled and registered by July 1, 2014.

In Virginia, you must be at least age 16 to drive a moped. Operation of mopeds is prohibited on the interstate. It is illegal to drive a moped if your license is suspended or revoked for DUI/drugs or if you are a habitual offender.


The Community Services Division offers a variety of services in order to achieve our mission which include, but are not limited to the following:

Community Resource Officer (CRO) 

Community Resource Officers are specifically trained to act as a liaison between the community and the police department in all matters dealing with crime prevention.

Each CRO represents the police department by providing a variety of subjects for presentation to citizen groups. Some of the subjects available include personal safety, workplace violence, burglary prevention, identity theft, holiday safety and gang awareness. Contact the Community Service Division to schedule a presentation on any of these subjects, or if you have a subject that is not listed but would be relevant to your community’s needs.

CRO contact is listed below:

Officer William Quesenberry            703-335-0822                         

Citizens Police Academy 

City of Manassas Park Police 

January through March 2014


The Citizen Police Academy (CPA) provides an opportunity for citizens to learn directly about police operations. Through a series of lectures, field trips, and simulated activities, citizens are provided training similar to that of an actual police officer. The CPA is of benefit to the community and the department because it builds relationships and creates a cadre of citizens who are better informed about the reality of police work. 


The academy runs for eleven weeks with most classes held between 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday nights.  


Unless otherwise specified, classes are conducted at the Police Headquarters (329 Manassas Drive Manassas Park, VA 20111). Some off-site visits are made to other locations where transportation will be provided.


Instruction is provided by Manassas Park Police Department personnel, as well as other legal authorities or agencies as needed.  


§ Overview of Department Operations and Organization

§ Introduction to Community Oriented Policing

§ Patrol Functions - Traffic Control

§ Firearms Operations

§ Vice/Narcotics Operations

§ Communications and the processing of calls for service  


§ Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

§ Must be either a Manassas Park resident, business owner, employed in the city or connected to the city in some way

§ Must pass a criminal history background check

Citizen Police Academy Application





Any business that sells, installs, or services locks must be licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).


  • The contract for locksmith services must contain the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) business license number.  This number will begin with "11" followed by a four-digit number. (Example: 11-5432)
  • You can verify the business has a valid license number by visiting our website at [Facility Search] or by calling the Division of Regulatory Affairs at 804-786-4700.

Any individual that sells, installs, or services locks must be registered by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

·         The locksmith, that responds to a call for service, must present credentials issued by DCJS (photo ID or letter of registration) upon your request.

·         If they cannot produce valid DCJS credentials, it is recommended that you do not do business with them. 

·         You can verify the an individual has a valid registration number by visiting our website at [License Search] or by calling the Division of Regulatory Affairs at 804-786-4700. 

If you would like to file a formal complaint with the Department of Criminal Justice Services against a Locksmith business or individual, please fill out our complaint form and attach all related documents/contracts/correspondence that support your complaint.  

·         A complaint form is available on our website at   

For more information about the Department of Criminal Justice Services, Division of Regulatory Affairs, please visit or contact us via e-mail at


SCAMS and FRAUD Targeting Seniors 

Every week, we hear of some new fraud or scam involving seniors..  Here are a few to share with your seniors: 

·     *****Mortgage/reverse mortgage scams on the rise for seniors was published in the August issue of Consumer Reports: 

·    *****Senior scams on the rise in the Richmond area (Virginia Triad noted in the article); 

·  *****Parking lot scams targeting seniors:

*****High school football charity scam: 

·    *****Government call scams asking for money:

Free Resources 

Consumer Action Handbook is an excellent resource with contact information for federal, state, and local government agencies and numerous useful tips.  

FTC publications:  there are many brochures to choose from, but If you look under the left toolbar under bulk orders:, you will find a number of excellent handouts to order.  Also, check out the FTC’s most recent scam alerts to print what you need.  

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service has a list of common mail scams and frauds:

Here are their latest scheme alerts, which are easy to print: 

This information is provided by the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia.  Visit their website for news releases and to sign up for the citizens email update:


Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a powerful tool that brings citizens together to make their neighborhood a safer place to live.

Residents are more familiar with their neighborhood than anyone and are the most qualified to recognize when something is amiss. Neighbors work in partnership with the police department to identify suspicious or unusual people, vehicles, or activity that may indicate a developing problem.

      Interested? Questions? Concerns? Comments?


Active Neighborhood Watch Groups

     Historic Manassas Park Neighborhood Watch

Blooms Crossing Neighborhood Watch

                  contact Heather Gustin at

Community Resource Officers are available to assist with developing a Neighborhood Watch Program in Manassas Park’s residential communities. 

School Resource Officer (SRO) 

The Manassas Park School Board and the Manassas Park Police Department have joined forces in an invaluable program which benefits Manassas Park’s greatest resources - its children. 

School Resource Officers are considered a part of the staff at the school where they work. The students and staff deserve the best protection from problems that are more likely to come from outside their campuses. One police officer is posted full time at Manassas Park Middle School and one at Manassas Park High School. These officers frequently visit both Manassas Park Elementary School and Cougar Elementary School. These officers are not there to serve as security guards, but to provide a professional police resource to the staff and students. 

School Resource Officers are available to assist students and staff in a number of ways. Not only do they respond to problems which are criminal in nature, they are involved in the classroom by sharing their particular field of knowledge on anything from career presentations to government and civic classes. This arrangement has been beneficial to both the Police Department and the School Board. While the school has the officer available at a moments notice, the number of patrol officer responses to the schools to handle problems has been dramatically reduced. 

SRO contact information is listed below: 

Officer Derek Solomon          Manassas Park High School            703-361-9131

                                                   Manassas Park Middle School         703-361-1510 

When the Going Gets Scruff Bullying Video

The National Crime Prevention Council is excited to unveil our new animated short video on bullying, When the Going Gets Scruff<>, which is intended for children ages 5 to 9 to view in school and in after school settings. Bullying has become an epidemic and a public health concern.

The seven-minute animation features the long-standing crime prevention icon McGruff the Crime Dog and his nephew Scruff®.  From this video children learn that they shouldn’t ignore bullying or enter physical altercations with their opponents. The two take-away messages for children are, “Don’t bystand. Lend a hand,” and “Stop, talk, and walk.” Additionally, NCPC has drafted discussion questions to accompany When the Going Gets Scruff that can be used by facilitators to encourage discussion among students after they’ve viewed the video. 

The video and accompanying discussion questions are available to download free of charge on NCPC’s website (<>), NCPC’s website for children (<>), and various other video streaming sites such as YouTube (<>), for use by parents, teachers, caregivers, and law enforcement.

Funded by the Community Oriented Policing Services office of the U.S. Department of Justice, the goal of this new animated short video is to increase the number of law enforcement officers who partner with school staff and community stakeholders to address and prevent bullying.

Business Watch

Business Watch works in the same way as Neighborhood Watch, except that it is tailored to meet the needs of the business community.

This is achieved through partnerships with various business and professional groups and the police department.

A business watch can keep businesses within a geographical area aware of important crime trends and related information.

Vacation Home Check

As a service to the citizens of the City, the Manassas Park Police Department offers free vacation house checks. Officers will periodically check the exterior of your home while you are away. This service helps to deter potential burglars and provides for additional security while your house is unoccupied. 

Vacation house check forms Request for House Check must be submitted in person, with a valid I.D., to the Manassas Park Police Department from Monday at 9:00 am through Friday at 4:00 pm. 

Houses not eligible for the service are:

§          Houses unoccupied and under construction.

§          Houses unoccupied and listed for sale/show by realtors.

§          Houses where the owner has hired or appointed another person to periodically be there.

Property owners whose houses fall under these above exclusions may request an extra patrol.

Additional information about vacation house checks or extra patrol requests may be obtained by calling the Manassas Park Police Department at our 24 hour non-emergency number/dispatch (703)361-1136.

Security Surveys

Community Resource Officers will inspect a residential or commercial property at no cost to the property owner. Once the inspection is complete the officer will provide a written report that identifies areas where the owner has done a great job with security, and will make recommendations on improvements in design elements such as locks, lighting, or landscaping where needed. Call the Community Service Division at 703-361-1136 to schedule your Security Survey today! 

Safer by Design

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)The Safer by Design philosophy recognizes that neighborhood environments can either encourage or discourage criminal activity. Crime Prevention officers utilize the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), a major component of Safer by Design, to identify the design elements that make it easier for criminals to operate. Through access control, territoriality, and natural surveillance – the ability to observe the natural surroundings, Crime Prevention officers help citizens take corrective measures to strengthen their personal security. These are the same principles that are applied when officers conduct residential or commercial security surveys, and when participating in the City’s Site Plan Review Committee which reviews all new construction and major renovation plans. 

Police Station Tours 

Police station tours are offered to the public by appointment only, between the hours of 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday. Request for tours must be made at least 3 days in advance.  To schedule a tour, please contact MPPD at 703-361-1136. 

Each tour includes an explanation of various sections and services offered by the Manassas Park Police Department. Most areas of the police station will be toured as long as no sensitive business or investigations are being conducted. An average tour is approximately 30-40 minutes long with questions and answers.

Groups should not exceed 20 individuals; smaller groups may be combined with other individual groups. 

Tours may be terminated if groups are disruptive; therefore, we ask that there be a sufficient number of adults to provide supervision of children. No minors or children under 18 will be permitted to tour the building without a parent/guardian and/or appropriate care-giver of age present. 



The Manassas Park Police Department encourages citizens to assist us in maintaining safe neighborhoods and streets.  By completing the Special Traffic/Criminal Activity Enforcement Request, our Officer's will know where, and when to set up radar or other proactive criminal enforcement efforts within the community in addition to our normal enforcement goals.



*Refuse To Be A Victim® is not a firearms instruction course, nor is the NRA directly or indirectly endorsed by the City of Manassas Park or the instructor.

Contact the Crime Prevention Officer

D A R E Neighbhd. Watch Use the form below to request radar enforcement on your street or to report specific vehicles being operated in an unsafe ... Terrorism Preparedness Victim / Witness Ride-Along Lost Pets VA- DUI, Use & Lose Laws Crime Alert











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