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The Code Enforcement Team is committed to providing professional service and supports the comprehensive visions for Manassas Park’s future: creative alternatives for plans and policies; methods for sound community decision-making; and responsive enforcement of current ordinances in order to maintain and improve the social, economic and physical well-being of the community.

A message about Code Enforcement for the citizens of Manassas Park: 

Manassas Park, like most municipalities, has enacted ordinances which regulate the uses of property. These ordinances, which are comprised of both miscellaneous, nuisance codes and the zoning code, are intended to ensure that the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens are preserved and neighborhood quality is maintained or improved. Additionally, Manassas Park has adopted property maintenance codes which regulate the upkeep of structures and property within the city. 

Drive through the city on most days and you are likely to see one or more code enforcement inspectors making their rounds. They are on a mission to make the city a better place to live and work. 

There are many reasons that an inspector may be visiting a property. They may be responding to a neighbor’s complaint or simply taking a proactive attempt at protecting the health and safety of citizens and visitors. The inspectors may stop to speak with you or send a letter to ask that the violation be addressed. If you receive such a letter, you should pay attention to the time allowed for remedying the problem. Ignoring the notice may cause you to receive a citation.

Hours of operation:

Monday to Friday – 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Please call during normal business hours. You may also refer your complaint to the Manassas Park Police Department non-emergency line, 703-361-1136.

A complaint form is also available. You may print it out and mail or fax it to us.

The Code Enforcement Department reminds all residents that it is against City Code to obstruct our city sidewalks and streets.                                                                                        

Code of the City of Manassas Park, Virginia, Section 20-3.  Obstructions, etc., generally, reads: 

No person shall construct or place any obstruction, structure, foreign matter or material, be it permanent or temporary, in or upon the streets, gutters or sidewalks in the city. 

In particular, there has been an increase in the number of basketball hoops placed on the sidewalks and streets.  The basketball hoops create a potentially dangerous situation for our children and drivers, who may have to swerve to avoid hitting a child or the basketball hoops.  The proper location for basketball hoops is on your property.  

With cold weather approaching, remember it is a requirement of our city code to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of your property.   

Sec. 20-12. Removal of snow and ice from sidewalks.

The tenant or occupant and, in case there shall be no tenant or occupant, the owner or any person having the care of any building or lot of land abutting on any curbed or paved sidewalk shall, during the first eight (8) hours of daylight following the time when snow or ice ceases to fall or form, cause the same to be removed from such curbed or paved sidewalk.

Please feel free to contact the Manassas Park Police Department Code Enforcement Division at 703-361-1136 with any questions. 

Code Enforcement Division

Most Common Code Violations 

The following are the most common observed violations of the city code: 

1.  Trash, Garbage & Debris:  Sec. 17-48 

It shall be unlawful for any person to permit any accumulation of trash, garbage, refuse, litter or noxious, unsanitary or offensive matter or other substance, which might endanger the health or safety of other residents of the city, to be or remain on any property in his possession or under his control.  Construction Debris and/or hazardous materials will not be picked up with regular trash and will require other arrangements. All trash should be stored in appropriate lidded containers at all times.    

2.  Overgrown Grass & Weeds: Sec. 17-49

The person owning or having possession or charge of any premises, vacant lot, private roadway, whether in use or not, or other lands within the city, within five hundred (500) feet of any inhabited building or dwelling, shall cut the grass and weeds on such property when such grass or weeds reach a height of ten (10) inches or greater.

This also includes right-of-way areas and along fence lines. 


División de Regulación del Código

Las violaciones más comunes al Código  

La siguiente es una lista de las violaciones más comunes al código de la ciudad. 

1.  Acumulación de Basura, Desechos y Escombros: Sec. 17-48 

Se considera ilegal el hecho de que cualquier persona permita que se acumule o permanezca en cualquier propiedad en su posesión o bajo su control, la basura,  residuos, o cualquier  materia nociva, insalubre o cualquier otra substancia, que podría poner en peligro la salud o seguridad de los residentes de la ciudad.  Los escombros de trabajos de construcción y/o desechos peligrosos no serán recogidos con la basura normal los días miércoles.  Se deben hacer arreglos especiales para la eliminación de los mismos.  En todo momento la basura debe estar contenida apropiadamente dentro de  recipientes para basura con tapas.    

2.  Crecimiento excesivo de hierba y hierbas malas (maleza): Sec. 17-49

Toda persona que sea dueña, esté en posesión o a cargo de cualquier establecimiento o local, terreno baldío, calzada privada, ya sea que esté en uso o no, o cualquier otro terreno dentro de la ciudad, a quinientos (500) pies de cualquier edificio o vivienda  que esté habitada, deberá cortar la hierba y las hierbas malas (maleza) en dicha propiedad cada vez que la hierba y las hierbas malas (maleza) alcancen una altura de diez (10) pulgadas o más. Esto incluye las áreas verdes aledañas a  la acera y a lo largo de las cercas. 


Should you have any questions or concerns about an inspector’s findings, or should you need to request an extension of time to address the violation, you may reach the Code Enforcement Division Chief Winder  at 703-335-8866, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. A complaint form is also available on this website. You may download it and mail or fax your complaint to Code Enforcement.









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